TMSA Young Trad Tour 2009

By Various Artists

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  1. Captain Murdo Kennedy Of Kyle
    The Handshaker
    Sandy Cameron
  2. O Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir
  3. Ben Gullion
    Miss Caitlin Campbell
  4. Mrs Garden Of Troup
    Auchterarder VIP
    Lady Lauder Dick’s Jigg
  5. Ae Fond Kiss
  6. The Humours Of Garnethill
  7. Tha E Nam Dhàn Gun Dean Mi Lauidh
  8. Mrs Lowe
  9. Oran An T-seasganaich
    Jerry’s Pipe
  10. Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
  11. Donald, Willie And His Dog
    Trip To Herves
    Papa K’s
    The Gold Ring
  12. Glasgow - City Of Music
    Trip To Viljandi
    Duntroon Castle

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Would you like to tell us something about this recording, such as who’s playing on it , for instance ?

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Who’s playing

Ruairdh Macmillan (check out tyro and the Paul McKenna band) fiddle
Daniel Thorpe (should have a album out soon) ( in march?)fiddle
Jack smedley (great north east scots fiddle player) fiddle
lorne macdougle (a awsome player) small and highland pipes and whitles
ewan Robertson (look out for shouts and some kind of certainty) guitar and vocals
Adam holms ( AMAZING) guitar and vocals
kenenth Nichols Gaelic son

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Right so running that through the spell checker in my head that is:

(The finalists in the Young Trad Musician of the Year 2009 competition)

Ruairidh MacMillan - fiddle (Young Trad. Musician of the Year 2009)
Daniel Thorpe - fiddle (Young Trad. Musician of the Year 2010)
Jack Smedley - fiddle
Lorne MacDougall - Pipes and whistle
Adam Holmes - Guitar and vocals
Kenneth Nicholson - Gaelic song

Ewan Robertson - Guitar and vocals (Young Trad Musician of the Year 2008

It is a great cd. They do a new one for every year of the tour. I caught the tour when it passed through Dunkeld last year.