Midsummer’s Night

By Dervish

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irish traditional music at his best. hope they carry on that way and will not sell their souls like so many others. A great concert for the fisrt time in Paris for the opening of the Irish Center.

This is one of the albums where the sets can really get your blood going. I even enjoy listening to the songs 😉

Since the track listing doesn’t have all the tune names, I put one together myself, although I can’t garanty that it’s 100% correct…

1. Martin Wynnes #3/Steampacket/Sweat House/House of Hamill/Midsummer’s Night
2. Seán Bháin
3. Tenpenny Bit/I Ne’er Shall Wean Her/Scully Casey’s/Maid at the Well
4. Banks of Sweet Viledee
5. Mick O’Connor’s/Jack Roe/Palmer’s Gate
6. Érin Grá Mo Chroí
7. The Lark on the Strand/Fraher’s/Four Mile Stone/Mountain Top
8. Cairns Hill
9. There Was a Maid in Her Father’s Garden
10. Paddy from Portlaw/Paddy in London/Ceannguilla
11. T-Úll [the Apple]
12. Bold Doherty
13. Out on the Road/Repeal of the Union/Fair Wind
14. Red-Haired Mary

Bleedin’ Heart has the list correct but the Tenpenny Bit is O neill’s version not the version here and Out on the Road is a reel, not a jig.

Couldn’t Paul95 add the missing tune names to the list? Can recording lists be modified?

The mountain top/ Lark on the strand set

I looked up “Mountain Top” at thesession, but I think Dervish transposes it somehow when they play it after “Four mile stone”
It should be D major then…