By Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

  1. The Shetland
    The Successful Lover
    John Keith Laing
    Miss Monaghan’s
    The Shetland Reel (Reprise)
  2. Jim Lamberton’s Backup
    Jane Campbell
    John Roy Stewart
    The Lintie
    Willie Murray’s
    The Poisoned Dwarf
  3. Angus MacKinnon
    Leaving Port Askaig
    Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome To The Argyleshire Gathering
  4. Random Star 10
    The Bumpy Old Road
    Maxwell’s Bonnet
  5. Steal Away
    Miss Barbara Grant
    Ian’s Wedding
    Johnny The Tree Wrecker
  6. The Mists Of Time
  7. Tripping Up The Stairs
    The Hag In The Kiln
    My Darling Asleep
    Tripping Up The Stairs
  8. The Highland Wedding
    The Ewe With The Crooked Horn
    The Brown Haired Maid
  9. Out Of The Trees
  10. Farewell To The Creeks
    Golspie Gala Week
  11. Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band
    Tulloch Castle
    John Morrison Of Assynt House
  12. Ben C. Niven
    A.A. Cameron
    A Cup Of Tea
    Miss Girdle
    The Swallow Tail Coat
    The Cliffs Of Doneen
    Colum Ian
    Merrily Danced The Quaker’s Wife
    Queen Of The Rushes

Three comments


Pipe Major: Richard Parkes (arranger )

Guest musicians:
Frank Cassidy, bouzouki and Mark Armstrong, Congas
(on a coupla tracks only)

And just in case this submissions raises ‘Is it Irish?’ comments, here’s a bit of background:
Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

“In May, 1945, a group of youths from the townland of Carryduff on the outskirts of Belfast, wrote to Bernard law Montgomery […] seeking his permission to use his name in the formation of a pipe band. […] The first British general to defeat German commander Rommel in a WWII battle replied in the affirmative.”

A lot of water has passed under the bridge but Pipe band music is still strongly associated for many with war like stuff. Anyhow,
“The ‘Montgomery’ band has ‘since 1986 competed in the higher echelon of world piping” and at the time of this recording (1992) had become a byword for innovation … and “perhaps it is the ‘playing for the love of it’* syndrome that has spurred the band to even higher peaks of perfection when competing against their Scottish and Canadian rivals.” (quotes: Tommy Millar)

*The Band is run on a voluntary basis, no player remunerated


try John Keith Laing for a smashin scottish pipe tune!