Bagpipe Revolution

By Jori Chisholm

  1. Don’t Stop Rockin’
    Afternoon At The Green Monster
  2. Swagger
    The Seagull
    Glasgow City Police Pipers
  3. The Morning Dew
    The Soft Horse
    The Mad
  4. Angus G. MacLeod
  5. Farewell To Nigg
    The MacRaes Of Achmore
  6. Paddy Be Easy
    Pasucais De Coaña
    The Atholl Highlanders
  7. And So It Goes
  8. Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie
    Good Drying
    Richard Dwyer’s
  9. Evolution
  10. Too Long In This Condition

Three comments

Additional musicians appearing on this album

1. Orville Johnson (guitars), Mike Cole (percussion)
2. Orville Johnson (guitars), Duncan Millar (percussion)
3. Suzanne Taylor (piano), Orville Johnson (guitar)
4. Gerry O’Bierne (national slide guitar), Ed Littlefield, Jr. (pedal steel guitar)
5. Duncan Millar (percussion)
6. Gerry O’Bierne (guitar), Mike Cole (percussion)
7. Suzanne Taylor (piano)
8. Gerry O’Bierne (guitar), Mike Cole (percussion)
9. Andrew Boscardin (acoustic guitar), Igor Abuladze (acoustic guitar and electric bass)
10. n/a

Composers by track

1. Pat LePoidevin / Micah Babinski
2. Shane Smith / Donald MacLeod / Donald MacLeod
3. Traditional / Phil Cunningham / Traditional / Bert Barron
4. Donald MacLeod
5. Duncan Johnstone / Jori Chisholm
6. Traditional / Javier Tejedor / Traditional
7. Billy Joel
8. Gordon Duncan / Phil Cunningham / R.S. MacDonald / Richard Dwyer
9. Jori Chisholm
10. Traditional

What does a bagpipe revolution sound like?