Andy Cutting

By Andy Cutting

  1. Uphill Way
  2. Nest Of The Cuckoo
    Old Molly Oxford
  3. CEG
  4. Atherfield
  5. Charlie
    Come Back!
  6. Edges
  7. Still Hearing You
    The Resplendent
  8. Granton Fish Bowl
  9. Covered In People
  10. Potato
  11. Old Light
  12. The Abbess

Three comments

This self titled album is amazingly Andy’s first solo album. The album was released at gigs and from the website only in April 2010, and will be put on general release in August 2010. Other artists on the album include

Ian Carr - guitar
Tim Harries - double bass
Michael McGoldrick - whistley things

The album was recorded entirely live, with no overdubbing or multi-tracking.

“Andy Cutting”

Andy Cutting, I take it, plays melodeon on this.