By Aontas

  1. Bawn Fada
    Gan Ainm
    The Flagstone Of Memories
    The Bonny Bunch Of Ferns
  2. The Verdant Braes Of Screen
  3. Miss Rowan Davies
  4. Ray’s Classic
    The Oriental
    The Munster Bank
  5. Wild Blossoms
  6. Sean Bui
    Paddy Fahy’s
    Vincent Blin’s
  7. Lough Erne Shore
  8. Tom Clancy’s #1
    Tom Clancy’s #2
    Connor Dunn’s
  9. The Dusty Miller
    The Humours Of Whiskey
  10. Adieu My Lovely Nancy
  11. Squire Woods’ Lamentation
  12. The Plains Of Boyle
    The Stack Of Barley
  13. The True Lover’s Ghost
  14. Dean Street
  15. Late Into The Night

One comment

Nancy Conescu

Nancy Conescu was mentioned in the discussion of the Mel Bay “favorite session tunes” collection (does anyone know Mel Bay’s Favorite?) so I thought I’d post this in case anyone wanted to hear more of her - it’s a load of good tunes and about five songs, all of it good stuff. Fiddle, piano accordion, and guitar, and some other stuff flung in there as well.
The unfortunate part is that it might be difficult to find, but if you’re in the New York area you might keep an eye out for her.