Mairearad And Anna

By Mairearad Green And Anna Massie

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  1. Uncle Alky
    Tatties & Ham
    Have You Nothing Shorter
  2. Malteser Madness
    The Waterbed
    Just For Liz
  3. Cavers Of Kirkcudbright
    The Broadstairs
    Nikki’s Leap
  4. For The Young
    Jura Wedding
    The Raffle
    Massie’s Dream
  5. Farmors Vals
  6. Mairearad’s
  7. Kirsten
  8. Mozart On The Rampage
    Bean Na Bainnse
  9. The Lollipop
    The New Year’s
  10. The Welcome Return
    Big Blue
  11. Mrs.Donald MacLean
    New Claes

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Mairearad & Anna

Mairearad Green: Accordian and pipes.

Anna Massie: Guitar, fiddle and banjo.