Chords And Beryls

By Edel Fox

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Top Ten

This CD has to be in the Top Ten of the year. Maybe even #1. It’s wonderful. As perfect as a CD can be. She used Tim Collins’ C#/G# on the first cut and on one or two thereafter, a Bb/F on one track, and on the rest of the tracks she used her own Jeffries C/G. Sparse accompaniment. Some well known tunes played beautifully and enough unusual tunes to satisfy the tune-weary.
The first track alone is worth the price of the CD.

A lovely record she’s on peak form. Not too many fancy bits but just enough to make it individual.

Now for some transposing software!

First tune from second set can be found here, but Edel plays it in Eb, i think.
Great jig, composed by Anne Conroy-Burke.

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