Wherever Yet May Be

By Old Blind Dogs

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  1. St. Kilda
  2. Lough Erne’s Shore
  3. Fouler’s Rant
  4. Scotland Yet
  5. Portobello
    Miss Brady’s
    Hugie Shortie’s
    Kent Road
  6. Copper Kettle
  7. Sir Steve Huska Of Bryce Canyon
  8. Broken Ring
  9. Room With A View
    Trip To Moreda
    Danny’s Birthdays
  10. Banks Of The Nile
  11. Where Are You
  12. Desperate Fishwives
    Frankie Drain’s
    The Golden Stud

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Wherever Yet May Be

Chalk another masterpiece up on the board for the Dogs, this one is brillaint. Not available except at their shows just yet, so catch one when you can for the incredible performance as well as an early grab for the CD. Great stuff!

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