A Rún

By Goramahagat

  1. Ta Me No Shui
  2. Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaich
  3. Nead Na Lachan
  4. Siúl A Rún
  5. Seoithin Seo
  6. Sí Do Mhamó í
  7. Maire Mhor
  8. Ahmran Mhuighinse
  9. Caoineadh Na Tri Muire
  10. Trathnona Beag Aréir
  11. An Sceilpin Droighneach
  12. An Rogaire Dubh
  13. Táimse Gus Máire
  14. She Moved Through The Fair

One comment

Goramahagat is a new Swiss group singing sean-nos in a not very traditional way - there are second voices, imstruments and harmoinies. Purist won’t like it, but in my taste it’s one of the better approaches to find new ways for the old songs!