The Celtic Viol

By Jordi Savall

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Love It

Anything Jordi Savall is golden.

Love It Too.

Very refreshing to listen to a different interpretation of the tunes. Savall’s playing is full of expression and beautiful ornamentation.


While I’ve enjoyed some of the efforts of Jordi Savall, this ain’t one. It drips with saccharin, and I do mean the artificial sweetener… I find it sloppy and irritating, melodramatic in a B movie kind of way, but some folks like it that way, not me…

But he’s got great tone…

Fine words about fine music

I like listening to this album because of it’s simplicity-very straightforward versions of the tunes. It would be a good way for a beginner to learn a version of the tune, and add more ornaments later.
I love what Jordi Savall says about the music in the notes. A brief example:
"We take a deliberately sober approach in order to show that the music, through the force and magic of its musical discourse, contains within itself all the essential ingredients."

No argument with the quote, nicely put, but six cubes of sugar in a cup of tea ain’t for me… 😎

I have enjoyed some things Jordi has done with music, a talent with passion, and I love the viol family of bowed strings, but here, in my opinion, Jordi misses a very important number of ‘essential ingredients’, to do with history and terroir… 😀 I have the impression that he approached this subject, like so many ‘classically’ inclined musicians, thinking he already knew all there was to know and could handle this without making any real effort to better understand the roots, trunk, branches, leaves, fruit ~ and nuts 😉 of it… He isn’t the first and won’t be the last…