Handed Down

By Cathal Hayden

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Cathal Hayden with Arty McGlynn, Nollaig Ni Chathasaigh and Johnny “Ringo” McDonagh. Brilliant, but a bit of a pity that there are not more banjo tunes on it.

Handed Down; The Kilavell Fancy misnamed?

About track 10, which is labeled on the CD “The Kilavell Fancy/Coleman’s Cross”; the second tune in the set matches the tune that is called the Killavel Fancy on Willie Clancy’s ‘Minstrel From Clare’, the tune that I learned as Eilish Brogan/Killavel Fancy, and the Killavel Fancy posted here. So I really think maybe the tune names are reversed, but the first tune doesn’t match the Coleman’s Cross that is posted here at thesession. Can anyone confirm that the first tune is really Coleman’s Cross?

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No, the first tune is the Turnpike Gate https://thesession.org/tunes/3147. The fact that this tune also goes by the name “Killanan Fancy” might explain the confusion with the names.

Hi Mark…

I’m about to post the 2 Liz Carroll tunes, neither of which are here. All the best, “kenny”.

Best album to date

best album to date, other stuff abit too edited and commercial

Handed Down - Cathal Hayden

…….so is 2nd on track 10 Coleman’s Cross?

And what is the 1st on track 12?


ah - all is clear - I got a bit confused by the good Dr’s track listings above!

Thanks again Kenny

Track 8 ~ the 1st tune is “Thomond Bridge”

Whoever made the notes for this recording put it down as “The Banks”, which it isn’t.

Re: Handed Down

Love the version of Maid Behind the Bar (track 8 tune 2) on this. Not been able to find abc for it, will have to try and work it out 8)

Thanks Kenny! Didn’t click the link in the track listing, as I wrongly assumed it was the usual Maid behind bar.