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  1. Micho Russell’s Mason’s Apron
  2. My Lagan Love
    Last Night’s Fun
    The Crooked Road To Dublin
  3. The Promenade
    The Rocky Road To Dublin
  4. Mary From Dungloe
  5. Dr Gilbert
    Lady Gordon’s
    Fergal O’Gara
  6. Dulamán Na Binne Buí
    A Stor, A Stor A Grá
    The Blackhaired Lass
  7. Paddy Fahey’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  8. The Moon Behind The Hill
  9. The Tailor’s Thimble
    The Red Haired Lass
  10. Lament For Ciara
  11. The Sirius
    The Humours Of Max
  12. The Boys Of The Lough
    The Hunter’s House
  13. The Policeman’s Request
    Phylis’s Birthday
  14. The Green Fields Of Mayo
  15. Larry’s Favourite
    John Naughton’s
  16. The Frieze Breeches
    The Lark In The Morning
  17. Waltz Of Coppelia
  18. The Frog’s Wedding
  19. The Dowry
    The Parcel Of Land
  20. Spellan The Fiddler
    Thomond Bridge
  21. Me Floppy Floppy Drive
  22. Bill McEvoy’s No 1
    The Sligo Lasses

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I heard a bit of nice box playing by Oliver Deveney on Radio na Gaeltachta and was looking to see if there were any recordings of his - and came across this fund raiser compilation CD. It was organised sometime back, around 2001 I think by Joe Burke and Anne Conroy for Séan Henry, local publican who was undergoing cancer treatment at the time. Proceeds from the CD are in aid of the Friends of St.Luke’s hospital in Dublin. There are 22 tracks from a good variety of musicians - some very well known and others less so. About half the tracks were recorded specifically for the CD.
Still available (2010) from

Here’s a full list of artists:

I. Frankie Gavin Reels: Micko Russells, Mason’s Apron

2. Joe Burke Air & Reels: My Lagan Love, Last Nights Fun, The Crooked Road to Dublin

3. Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy Slip jigs: The Promenade & The Rocky Road to Dublin

4. Don Stiffe & Matt Keane Song: Mary from Dungloe

5. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane Reels: Dr Gilbert, Lady Gordons, Fergal O’Gara

6. Mary Bergin Reels: Dulamán na Binne Buí, A Stor, A Stor a grá, The Blackhaired Lass

7. Eileen O’Brien & Deirdre McSherry Reels: Paddy Fahey’s

8. Mary Conroy-Knipper Song: The Moon behind The Hill

9. Anne Conroy-Burke Reels: The Tailors Thimble & The Red Haired Lass

10. Eilish Lennon & Charlie Lennon Lament for Ciara

11. Matt Molloy Reels: The Sirrus Reel and The Humours of Max

12. Sean Maguire Reels: The Boys of the Lough. Reavy’s Reel

13. Oliver Deveney & Jody Henry Reels: The Policemans Request and Phylis’s Birthday

14. Mary Staunton Song: The Green Fields of Mayo

15. Charlie Piggott & Miriam Collins Reels: Larry’s Favourite & John Naughton’s Reel

16. Tommy Peoples Jigs: Frieze Breeches & The Lark in the Morning

17. John Regan Waltz: Waltz of Coppelia

18. Dick Hogan Song: The Frog’s Wedding

19. Marcus Hernon Reels: The Dowry Reels

20. Jimmy McGreevey Hornpipes: Thomond Bridge, Spillane the Fiddler

21. Jimmy Crowley Song: Me Floppy Floppy Drive

22. Martin Connolly Reels: Bill McEvoys No 1 & The Sligo Lasses

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Re: Cairde

Good collection of music, this. I’m going to make the following changes to the original listings as posted by “Kilcash”, for the following reasons :

1 - the 1 st track is only 1 tune - “Micko Russell’s Mason’s Apron”, not “Micko Russell’s” followed by “The Mason’s Apron”.
2 - track 7 has 2 “Paddy Fahey” reels, not just 1. Both, of course, are still “Paddy Fahey’s”.
3 - Sean Maguire’s “Reavy’s Reel” is his version of “The Hunter’s House”
4 - track 19, listed as “The Dowry Reels” was already recorded by Marcus Hernon. There are 2 reels, both by Charlie Lennon - “The Dowry”, followed by “The Parcel Of Land”
5 - Jimmy McGreevey’s hornpipes I believe are listed in the wrong order - the 2nd one is definitely “Thomond Bridge”, so I’m assuming the first is “Spillane The Fiddler”.

Re: Cairde

PS - also located “Bill McEvoy’s No 1”.