By Andrea Beaton

  1. King Arthur’s
    Lexie McAskill
    Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie’s
  2. The First And The Last To Go
    The Chorus
    The Red Gap
  3. The Number Nine
    Fr. John Angus Rankin
    Kiss The Girls
    The Nun And The German
    The Musical Priest
  4. The Smirnoff Gigolo
    Young Alumnus
    The Dearborn Slip
  5. Hector The Hero
  6. Faith Aaliyah
    The Planxty Lover
  7. India Pale Ale
    Texas Hold ’em
    The Card Trick
  8. Lake Ainslie
    The Official Story
    The Airborn Nuggets
  9. Gen And Joe’s 50th Anniversary
    The Red Neillie Special
    Fire On The Lino
  10. Allison And Craig’s Big Day
  11. Starfish
    The Forensic Anthropologist
    The Mist Covered Mountains
    Happy Hops
  12. Tribute To Jerry
    Keep The Country Bonnie Lassie
    For The Gretzky Of Cape Breton Social Dancing
    Buntata’s Sgadan
    But That’s No Sin
  13. Trinity Farm
    Coney Island
    The Fashion Which The Lassies Have
    Beaufort Castle
  14. Sir James Baird
  15. Keiran Xavier’s
    Bert Ferguson
    The Windsor Whirlwind
    The Silver Bullet

Two comments

“Instrumental Recording of the Year” winner - “Branches” album by Andrea Beaton - ECMA (East Coast Music Association)

Andrea Beaton - Cape Breton fiddler/dancer/composer

Andrea Beaton » Fiddle, Vocals (#5)
Tracey Dares » Piano
Remi Arsenault » Guitar
Jami Gatti » Upright Bass (#5)

Re: Branches

I updated the tune listings based on Alan Snyder’s Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index ( Very useful site for Cape Breton fiddling. It gives the key and approximation of the first line for those trying to learn tunes. I have found it quite accurate for those tunes I already know.