By Alys Howe

  1. Logan Waters
  2. A Nigheanag, A Graidh
  3. Ca’ The Yowes
  4. Planxty Shar
  5. The Musical Priest
  6. Mary Hamilton
    Miss Sally Hunter
  7. O’keefe’s
    Dolina Mckay
  8. Solitude
  9. Lady Owen’s Delight
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker
  10. Phosphorescence
  11. Miss Shepherd
    Sleep Soond I‘ Da Mornin’
  12. Piper Of Dundee
    Seallaibh Currigh Eoghainn
    Laird Of Milton’s Dau
  13. An Cluinn Thu Mi, Mo Nighean Donn?

One comment

Alys Howe

This is currently my favorite harp recording.

Springing from Scottish and Irish traditions, the contemporary Celtic music of Alys Howe is uniquely Canadian in expression. Performing on harp and voice, Alys has appeared, recorded and taught in many venues throughout Canada, Scotland, and Ireland, earning distinctions such as two gold medals for Advanced Harp at Vancouver Mod (a Gaelic music festival), RSAMD Trust, Watkins Fellowship, and a grant from Canada Council for the Arts. She studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, graduating BFA Hons. Music Perf. (York University), and MA Hons. Irish Traditional Music Performance (University of Limerick).