Farewell To Lissycasey: The Traditional Music Of County Clare

By Various Artists

  1. Josephine Keegan’s
    Josephine Keegan’s
  2. Shoe The Donkey
  3. The Poor Little Fisher Boy
  4. The Eel In The Sink
    The Galway Rambler
  5. Black Is The Colour Of My Loved One’s Hair
  6. Farewell To Lissycasey
  7. The Concertina
    The Ebbtide
  8. Coleman’s March
  9. Rakish Paddy
  10. Martin Rocheford
    The Sligo Maid
  11. Tatter Jack Walsh
  12. Austin Tierney’s
    The Hare’s Paw
    The Dairy Maid
  13. The Bold Trooper
  14. The Choice Wife
  15. Byrne’s
  16. The Shaskeen
    The Maid On The Green
  17. Lady Anne Montgomery
    Down The Broom
    The Gatehouse Maid
  18. I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
    The Rakes Of Mallow
  19. Seamus Connolly’s
    Brid Harpur’s
  20. The Sweep’s
  21. The Lakes Of Coolfin
  22. Eileen Ní Ríordáin’s
    The Jenny Lind
  23. The Rakes Of Kildare
  24. The Fermoy Lasses
    The Doon
    The Concertina

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"Farewell To Lissycasey: The Traditional Music of County Clare"

A lovely collection of music and sources that makes my heart ache, some great characters and musicians that are no longer with us, and something that a definitely reminds me of Clare in so many ways, and of ‘The Willie Clancy Week’ of the 70s and first couple of years of the 80s… I feel homesick, but I love it. A gift from a friend, thanks Kenny, for the memories and the heartache…

Oh, and about that naff postcard ~ 😛

* * * Warning * * * Synthesizer Within * * *& * * * Daft Percussion Too * * *

Yes, and really dreadful, some tracks are accompanied by ~ nut just another synthesis of sound ~ REALLY DREADFUL SHIGHT! However, for the ‘trained ear’, where that imposition does exist, one can focus ~ I SAID FOCUS! ~ OHM! ~ on the quality playing that lies within, including where that synthesized accompaniment exists. Now, I am familiar with quality synthesis, and yes, it does exist, as does decent accompaniment, but this ain’t it on either count. It may only be a few tracks, but it’s enough to irritate as it interferes with the better contribution on any track where it invades the audio space. There’s also some pretty silly percussion on a track or two, but what’s new, eh?

There’s enough quality and craic here to bring a smile and inspire…


One of the worst of these synth invasions is during the playing of "Sonny’s Mazurka", track 2, the second half… AAAAAAA!!! My ears are bleeding!

4 out of 24 ain’t bad 😀

Oh yes, and track 24 ~ synth and bangeddy bang, bang… 😛

Dear Bobby Gardiner, what were you thinkin’? He obviously was in with the ‘wrong’ crowd at the time…

Well, only two tracks out of 24. And two others with questionable accompaniment, including silly percussion 1 & 19. So, only four out of 24, but they are such glaring misfits in this collection.

Oh, now that explains it ~ "compilation and design by John Loesberg". I guess the oddity of this is why this is no longer being cut, though a few folks still seem to have left over stock of it for sale. That’s too bad, as there are some great gems in this otherwise great compilation…

& the artists are, if not listing all that were involved ~

-1.) Kevin Griffin, tenor banjo + 😏

-2.) Bobby Gardiner, button accordion + 😏

-3.) Micho Russell, singer

-4.) Terry Bingham, concertina

-5.) Willie Clancy, whistle

-6.) Siney Crotty, singer

-7.) John Kelly, concertina

-8.) Eoin O’Neill, Bouzouki

-9.) Willie Clancy, uilleann pipes

10.) Vincent Griffin, fiddle

11.) Micho & Gussie Russell, whistles

12.) The Tulla Céilí Band

13.) Nora Cleary, singer

14.) Willie Clancy, uilleann pipes

15.) Terry Bingham, concertina

16.) Willie Clancy, whistle

17.) Vincent Griffin, fiddle

18.) Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon, concertinas

19.) Kevin Griffin, tenor banjo + 😏

20.) Willie Clancy, uilleann pipes

21.) Tom Lenihan, singer

22.) Mary Custy, fiddle & Sharon Shannon, button accordion

23.) Willie Clancy, uilleann pipes

24.) Bobby Gardiner, button accordion + 😏

When was this released and recorded please?

Released in 1995. It’s a compilation of tracks from various recordings made from the 1950s to the 1990s.

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"The Prof" pointed out on another recordings comment yesterday that the 1st tune on track 16 , played by Willie Clancy, is "The Shaskeen", and listing it on the CD insert as "The Shakescone" is probably a mis-hearing of the tune’s title.

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Re: Farewell To Lissycasey: The Traditional Music Of County Clare

5 years on……………… Track # 16 - the "Gan Ainm" following the "Shaskeen" is "The Maid On The Green". I’ve edited it to create a link.

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