The Branch Line

By Jack Coen And Charlie Coen

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The Branch Line (1977)

This is one of the old Topic records, reissued on CD by Green Linnet. The playing is pure and unaccompanied: concertina & flute in Jack Coen’s living room in the Bronx. Jack and Charlie Coen were part of the scene around the New York Ceili Band in the 1950s, where they played with Andy McGann, Larry Redican, and Paddy O’Brien during his six years in America. The pace is moderate by today’s standards and the playing “simple”: gorgeous music.

Re: The Branch Line

Yes. Non-frantic. Excellent Pacing. A Relaxed Feel. A Fine Album to play along with on your instrument. The Tunes shine through clearly. Liner notes state that “ornamentation is used economically”. Yup.

a few months ago, i found my landlords stash of old trad/folk records stashed in the spare room.

this was one of them.
a delight!
great album!

Where to find???

I learned two tunes from this cd and am trying to buy it. Anyone have a clue where it could be found? Striking out at the usual places.