By Gabe McVarish

  1. The Braes Of Castle Grant
    Mo Mhairi Mhin Mheall-Shuileach
    Cecily Ross
  2. Annie’s Carafe
    Miss Ida McVarish Of Morar
    Miss Angela Gillies Of Borve
    Morse Avenue
  3. Dave Mac Isaac’s
    Willie Fraser’s
    Smooth Eddie
    David White’s
    Celtic Colours No.2
    The Triangle
  4. Mrs.Jean Campbell BSc
  5. The Singing Stream
    Colonel Fraser
  6. Coma Leam Fein A’Ministear
    The Chorus
  7. Master Seamus
    The Girls At Martinfield
  8. Waltz For Kylin
    Garry’s Porch
  9. Black Pat’s
    The Green Fields Of Glentown
    Beautiful Goretree
  10. Dealai’s
    Ta Dta Ghabhair In Bhi Agam
    Johnny Leary’s
  11. Simi Docherty’s
    Donegal Highland
    Skipping Lambs
  12. The Sleeping Tune
    Ash City
    Pressed For Time

Two comments

Track 8 2nd tune should read: Garry’s Porch

Just saying ;~)

Great album thanks for putting it up