Side By Side

By Liz And Yvonne Kane

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  1. The Starry Lane To Monaghan
    The Star Of Ireland
    Sean Sa Ceo
  2. 3 Deer And A Hare
    Pangur Bán
  3. Farewell To Eyrecourt
    The Stone In The Field
    Paddy Fahey’s
  4. Thomond Bridge
    Boys Of Youghalarra
  5. Galway
    Lark In Charlie’s Meadow
    Eddie Moloney’s
  6. Papa’s Pet
    A Rainy Day
    Eileen O’Brien’s
  7. O’Rahilly’s Grave
  8. Tatter Jack Walsh
    Paddy Fahey’s
  9. The Policeman’s Request
    Julia Delaney’s
    The 13 Arches
  10. Paddy Fahey’s
    Manorhamilton The 8th Of May
    Wednesday Visit
  11. Tipperary So Far Away
    The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
  12. Side By Side
    The Smiling Lady
    The Ceilier

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Side By Side

Tunes by Paddy Fahey, both Paddy O‘Briens, Ed Reavy, Eileen O’Brien, Seamus Connolly, Joe Liddy, and Liz Kane. Accompaniment by Daithi Sproule, Mick Conneely and Patsy Broderick on guitar, bouzouki and piano. Dancing by Nathan Pilatzke.

Date of recording/release, the label it’s on, and other information to help in finding a copy, Gary?

Brand new. July 2010. Dawros Music (their own label, I think, just like their first two recordings). I suspect you can get it from Custy’s. They’ll have it for sale when they perform at my house tomorrow night.

C Mix?

I’ve been listening and learning a jig off of the Kane Sisters’ Side by Side album that they call Eddie Moloney’s. Track 5. It’s not the tune it’s linked to on this site.

I can’t quite figure out what key it’s in. Any thoughts?


Re: C Mix?

There are several tunes called Eddie Money’s - try Tunepal or the reverend’s search
I haven’t heard the album so I don’t know which one it is

Re: C Mix?

Sorry - Moloney’s !

Re: C Mix?

It might not be ‘in a key’. I don’t know the tune either, so I can’t tell you for certain; but Irish tunes are not always constrained by key signatures. If there was a drone, what note would it be? What note do you want to go to when the tune is finished? What key whistle is it easiest to play the tune on? Which Western scale contains most of the notes?

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I tried the searches and tunepal. It’s really a tough one. It has mostly no sharps or flats but about half the Bs are flat. It kind of pulls me towards C but not strongly. That’s why I was thinking C Mix but I’m not convinced.

Re: Side By Side

Hello great album
Tr05 is a jig set and the first tune the Galway Jig link goes to a hornpipe and the third Eddie Maloney’s goes to a reel and the middle tune has not been done could anyone see their way to fixing this as the tunes are great