Playing With Fire

By Dervish

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There are many nameless tunes played in this album, and I can identify just some of them. So please let me know, if you know the real names of them.

Gan Ainm reel in first set

There are a bunch of tunes by that name on this web site. I’ve looked at all of them, and none of them seem to be the one on the Dervish recording. Is the name correct? When I searched for tunes with the four note pattern DBAF that starts the tune, none of the tunes that turned up matched the recording. Could it be that this tune has not been entered yet?

Okay Okay

Okay, “Gan Ainm” means something to the effect that the name of the tune is unknown. So strike that part of my question in the previous post. But the rest of my question remains: has this tune been entered?

Do you know nameless tunes are simply called “traditional” in Cape Breton and Scotland?

?? - “Primrose Lass” version

The reel listed as “Gan Ainm” after “Buckley’s Fancy” sounds to me to be one of the many variants of “The Primrose Lass”. As played here by “Dervish”, I don’t believe it is in the tune lists. Whether or not it could stand on its’ own as a different tune is debatable. I would suggest you post the abcs here as an alternative version.

Abcs for “Gan Ainm” variant of “Primrose Lasses”

Here are the abcs for the tune listed as “Gan Ainm”, the tune following “Buckley’s Fancy” in the 1st set from “Playing with Fire. ” I just posted it under the name “Gan Ainm”. Should I not have done that.

T:Gan Ainm
T:(the reel following “Buckley’s Fancy” on the Dervish Album “Playing with Fire”)
cBAF EFAB|c2 (3Bcd cFFF|cBAF EFAB|c2 (3Bcd cAAA:|
f2 fa fecd|ecac cBBB|f2 fa fecd|eBBB cAAA:|

I’ll edit the details of the recording when someone successfully identifies the tune.

It’s the “Camber Lasses” - see Em’s posting.

IDing Dervish tunes

I’ve been playing along with some of the tunes on Spirit and A Night In Palma on my whistle, and I need to use an Eb to be in key with them, so searching for tunes using ABC format might require transposing first. I asked their flute player after a concert once why they played in that key so much, and he said that early on, either the flute or the accordion or both were pitched in that key and they just stuck with it.