Home Away From Home

By NicGaviskey

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Home Away From Home

Nic=Bernadette NicGabhann (fiddle) and Caitlin NicGabhann (concertina).
Gav=Sean Gavin (flute)
iskey=Sean McComiskey (accordion)

Pure-drop ensemble playing.

2nd tune, track 4….

Best CD I heard in 2010, and quite remarkable in that there are only the 4 melody instruments, with no instrumental accompaniment whatsoever. All 4 are superb players, and I especially like Sean Gavin’s flute-playing. When I had heard he was the son of Mick Gavin, I immediately thought of Dublin flute-player Mick - a particular musical hero of mine - but it turns out not to be the case.

Wandering Minstrel

The 2nd tune on the 2nd track is possibly related to The Wandering Minstrel but has distinct differences, in having only two parts , and the 2nd part differing significantly from the standard version. This version seems to have come from Packie Duignan (see Flute Players Of Roscommon Vol 2), hence why it often called after him. John Carty and Brian Rooney, as well as John McEvoy and John Wynne have recorded this 2 part version