Late Night Sessions

By Concerto Caledonia

  1. The Book Of Doves
  2. Miss Admiral Gordon’s
    My Love Is Lost To Me
    The Highlander’s Farewell
    The Bog Of Gight
    Miss Gunning’s
  3. Sir Patrick Spens
  4. The Duke Of Athol’s March
  5. Mr Samuel Rose’s Reel Of Jamaica
    Miss Rose’s Fancy Of Jamaica
  6. Paven
  7. Chiling O Guiry
  8. Alloway House
  9. The Secret Kiss
  10. The Scots Chaconne
  11. Reading Ends In Melancholy
  12. Allegro, Schetky
  13. Black Jock
    Black, White, Yellow And Green

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Late Night Sessions

Released in 2010.

Recorded live at the Edinburgh Festival in 2009, the best of recordings from four concerts - an eclectic selection of songs and tunes.

Concerto Caledonia are David McGuinness (harpsichord, fortepiano, reed organ, melodica), David Greenberg (violin, octave violin), Chris Norman (flute, whistle) and Alison MacGillivray (cello, viol).

With Bill Taylor (wire-strung clarsach, bray harp), Elizabeth Kenny (theorbo, lute), Steve Player (guitar), Patsy Seddon (clarsach), Sarah Bevan-Baker (violin) and Nicolette Moonen (viola), and guests Alasdair Roberts (vocals, guitar), Michael Marra (vocals), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar) and Katharine Fuge (soprano).

"Four concerts at 2009’s Edinburgh International Festival offered us a great opportunity to draw on our repertoire of the last 17 years, and to invite a few special guests to add some new discoveries along the way.

This CD presents a selection of favourite moments from those evenings at the Hub, showing just some of the fun that we had there; everything you hear on this recording happened on stage in the shows (except the gun going off in the Tattoo at the Castle next door) … It’s guaranteed live, and all the better for it!

Concerto Caledonia is Scotland’s early music group, bringing to life the classical and traditional music of the nation’s history.

The group’s recordings include Robert Burns songs in their original versions, classical symphonies from Fife, early Scots fiddle music, and the unique sound of eighteenth-century Scottish-Italian crossover. Its

contemporary recordings include music by Frank Zappa, Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Johnston and The Buzzcocks.

Recent live collaborations have included Bach’s St John Passion with guest director Mark Padmore, dub reggae Burns songs with Karen Matheson and Future Pilot AKA, and the story of Orpheus with extreme cabaret trio The Tiger Lillies at the 2007 Edinburgh International Festival."

Delphian DCD34093