Across The Fence

By The Bass Family

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  1. Sean Ryan’s
    Father Tom’s Wager
    The Idle Road
  2. The First House In Connaught
    The New Mown Meadow
  3. Touch Me If You Dare
    Fred Finn’s
  4. Across The Fence
    Spellan The Fiddler
  5. Christmas Eve
    Speed The Plough
  6. Song: Skibereen
  7. The Barmaid
    John McNeill’s
  8. Derry
    The Humours Of Tulla
  9. Tommy Mulhaire’s
    The Carraroe
  10. The Bunch Of Keys
    The Old Road To Garry
  11. Song: Cod Liver Oil
  12. The Fisherman’s Island
    Maudabawn Chapel
    The Aughamore
  13. The Gorey March
  14. The High Level
    The Harvest Home
  15. Patrick’s Night
    The Limestone Rock
    The Boyne Hunt

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The Bass Family

I came across this CD on "eBay" a few weeks back, and bought it because I’d heard and enjoyed listening to the banjo playing of Pat Bass one year at the Paddy O’Brien weekend in Nenagh, and again at one of the weekends in Glasgow in memory of the late, great Jimmy McHugh [RIP]. This recording is a mix of group and solo playing from various members of Pat’s family, including John Snr, [ melodeon and accordion ], John Jnr.[ also accordion ], Elizabeth [ piano ], and Pat on banjo. Frankie harper plays drums. Two songs are sung by Richard Kimmins. The family come from Annagh, in north County Wexford. The CD is dedicated to the memory of their daughter and sister Julie, who sadly passed away in 1997.

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