Hills And Hollows

By Mary And Josie Nugent

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  1. Seo Libh, A Mhná, Chun Tae!
    Yorkshire Trip
  2. I’ll Comb My Hair And Curl It
    Time Of Day
    The Rocky Road To Dublin
  3. Eileen Curran’s
    Tommy Coen’s
  4. The Full Of The Bag
  5. Willie Clancy’s
    Scully Casey’s
  6. The Orphan
    Josie’s Visit
    The Mist Covered Mountain
  7. An Buachaill Caol Dubh
  8. The Fisherman’s Island
    Hills And Hollows
  9. Johnny O’Leary’s (No 17)
    Tim Sullivan’s
  10. The Woman Of The House
    The Maid I’ll Never Forget
  11. O’Rahilly’s Grave
  12. Svenskvals I Brekken
  13. The Little Thatched Cabin
    Mullingar Lea
  14. The Cordal
    Light And Airy
  15. The Glenside Cottage
    An Tri Is A Rian

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Halls And Hollows

July 2010 Release from Josie and Mary Nugent.
Josie Nugent - Fiddle
Mary Nugent - Flute/Whistle
Jackie Daly - Accordian
Mick Daly - Guitar
Johnny (Ringo) McDonough - Bodhran
Frank Walsh - Fiddle

Some traditional, some airs, Swedish dance music and some own compositions.

Correct title of this cd, and title track: "Hills and Hollows"

(not "Halls and Hollows" as posted by riverrunner)

Seo Libh

Oh, I’ve just made it pick up by adding the name to the tune.