Live At The Burren Centre, Kilfenora

By Kevin Griffin, Eoin O’Neill And Quentin Cooper

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Seven comments

Great banjo playing from Kevin as usual - recorded at a ‘Riches of Clare’ concert on 19th June 2009.

Title of hornpipe

The hornpipe set (track 3) on this album has really caught my ear. The first tune is The Derry (also recorded on “Across the Pond”) and the 3rd one is Tom is Gone to the Fair.

Can someone please supply the title for the really nifty tune in the middle of this set?

Enjoying this album a lot.

Thanks for the title and the quick service!

Uncanny how two Claremen can play the same tune so differently. I’ve had the Martin Hayes version in my head for years, but I didn’t link the tunes until you posted the title. Although I enjoy Martin’s take on the tune, I wasn’t inspired to learn it until I heard it here.