Irish Folk Songs

By 1691

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  1. The Green Groves
    The Flowers Of Red Hill
  2. One Starry Night
  3. The First House In Connaught
    The Copper Plate
  4. Rinne Me Smaointeadh Im Intinn
  5. The Virgin Mary
  6. Ta Mo Chmeamnnas Deanta
  7. The Banks Of Claudy
  8. Lucy Campbell
  9. The Red Knickers
  10. The Widow’s Lament
  11. Once I Had A True Love

Three comments

1691 - pre bothy band recording

1691 are:
Triona ni dhomhnaill, Matt Mollooy and Tommpy Peoples from the bothies as well as Peter Browne and singer Liam Weldon.
This is a rare recording from 1973 post Skara Brae and pre Bothy Band. It was recorded and released in France as "Irish Folk Songs".
You can hear a few of the bothies trademark tunes and arrangement in development on this album.

album can be downloaded at the following blog:

1691 tracklist

A bit of correction please, as typos and wrong use of syntax don’t let tunes to be listed normally. You can correct it in the ‘edit’ tab. I’ll try to help on that…

First of all, the tunes in a set have to be listed like this:
First Tune/Second Tune/Third Tune etc., that is, use slash to separate them, please, like this —>
The Green Groves/The Flowers Of Red Hill

Secondly, you don’t have to add (Reel) or (Jig) after their name, the system should link the tune to an appropriate rhythm on its own (at least it works sometimes 🙂)

Lastly, I’ve noticed some typos in the LP cover itself.
One Starry Night (though it’s a song, so doesn’t really matter)
The First House in Connaught (‘t’ missed)

Some notes on the tunes. The Virgin Mary is widely known as An Phis Fhliuch (The Choice Wife) or O’Farrell’s Welcome To Limerick - wonderful solo here by Tommy Peoples. The Widow’s Lament, played as a haunting caoineadh by Peter Browne on the pipes, is known as Gol Na MBan San Ar (The Crying Of The Women At The Slaughter). The tune itself is also widely spread as a march called Eagle’s Whistle.

A wonderful album, with rare solos and duos by each of the musicians.

A rare gem - Thanks!

I have been trying to locate a copy of this album - or any information about it since I first heard about it years ago - many many thanks for posting the information and the download link!

An additional note - Peter Browne sometimes filled in for Paddy Keenan in the Bothy Band and can be heard on the 1st half (tracks 1 -9) of the Bothy’s Live In Concert CD.

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