Sometimes When The Moon Is High

By Nightingale

  1. Ballygow
    The Bus Stop
  2. The Tinker Behind The Door
    Snug In A Blanket
  3. The Joker’s Pulska
    Breton Gavottes
  4. J’entends Le Moulin
    Louis Cyr
  5. The Discharged Drummer
  6. Breton Suite Pourlet
    The Alley II
  7. Tippy Get Your Hair Cut
    Ricky’s White Face
    Florence Kelly’s
  8. Canaday I O
    The Farrier
    Pluto’s In Scorpio
  9. Bury Me Not In The Deep, Deep Sea
  10. Reel D’Issoudun
    La Grondeuse
  11. Ma Commere, Ma Mie
    Retour De Montaignac
  12. Sur La Route De Dijon
  13. Soul Of The Limestone Rock
  14. Eugene O’Donnell
    Bea Maye’s
    Lady Ann Montgomery