Wherever You Go

By Wild Asparagus

  1. Contney’s Yard
    Heave Together
    My Needs
  2. Superman’s Song
  3. Baghad Gus
    Gus Fuss
  4. Sport
    Location, Location, Location
  5. Love At The Five And Dime
    Father Francis Cameron
  6. Tommy Peoples’
    Man From Bundoran
    Up The Track
    The Glass Of Beer
  7. Gavotte Des Montagnes
  8. Valse Por P
  9. The Old Bush
    The Scholar
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  10. Mapeking
    The Lark In The Morning
  11. The Big
  12. Wherever You Go When You Sleep

One comment

“Wild Asparagus: Wherever You Go”

Catalogue #WA006 - CD (P)(C)2001
“Wild Asparagus: Wherever You Go” ~ catch a few listens here:

The Musicians on this recording ~ A five-person band from Western Massachusetts ~ music from New England, the British Isles, and Canada, as well as classical sources, ~ Since 1984…

Becky Tracy - fiddle
David Cantieni - flutes, D whistles, bombard, saxophone, oboe, vocals
George Marshall - English concertina, bodhran (also instruction and calling for New England style contras)
Ann Percival - piano, guitar, vocals
Stuart Kenney - upright bass, backing vocals

Guest Musicians:
Keith Murphy - mandolin, guitar, piano, tenor steel guitar, feet, C whistle, backing vocals
Lee Blackwell - drums, backing vocals