The Star Of Sunday’s Well

By Donal Maguire

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  1. Heenan And Sayers
  2. The Red Haired Man’s Wife
  3. A Lady Fair
  4. The Gold Ring
  5. Johnny And Molly
  6. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  7. The Widow Of Westmoreland’s Daughter
    The Humours Of Tullycrine
  8. The Forger’s Farewell
  9. The Old Bush
    The Galtee
  10. Meeting Is A Pleasure
  11. Old Man Dillon
    The Rose In The Heather
  12. The Star Of Sunday’s Well

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Donal Maguire

I was surprised that none of Donal’s recordings seem to have been posted here. Donal is one of my favourite singers, and also a very fine banjo and mandolin player. This, I think, was his first solo recording, released in 1979. don’t think it ever came out on CD, which is a shame. I’ll post some of Donal’s other recordings soon.

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