By Misneach

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Misneach means courage in Irish. Members of the band are PJ Hernon on accordion and melodeon, Michael Hurley on flute and whistle, Declan Folan on fiddle, Brian Lofthouse of guitar, and Junior Davey on bodhran and bones.

The members play as part of Ceoltoiri Cooleman.


That would be ‘on’ guitar. Pity the man who is born of guitar.

Nice one!

This is a lovely CD. Lovely tunes, beautifully played, with great spirit, by accomplished musicians. Thanks.

track 11

first tune entitled Sean McGuire is in fact better known under a lot of other names but not this one. On thesession, it’s filed under Jim Kelly’s (https://thesession.org/tunes/1139), but other sites know it under Tipperary Fancy, Ashplant, and even Reel on Mandolin after the playing of Mick Moloney !