Let Me In This Ae Night

By Chris Norman And David Greenberg

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  1. Lord Elcho
    Bonnocks Of Beer Meal
    A New Strathspey Reeel
    Munlochy Bridge
    Johnny Lad
    Perrie Werrie
    The West Mabou
  2. Andante From Solo VI
    The Garb Of The Old Gaul
    Hacky Honey
  3. In Dulce Jubilo
  4. Oh Banquet Not
  5. Presto From Violin Sonata No 1
  6. Nymrod
    The Empress Clog
  7. Neil Gow’s Lamentation For The Death Of James Moray Of Abercairny
    The Last Rose Of Summer
    Duncan’s Trip To The Coal Mines
    The Thunderbolt
    The Bridge Of Bamore
  8. Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog
  9. British Press
    Miss Hog Of Newliston
    Lady Chatherine Pelham
    We’ll Aye Gang Back To Yon Town
    Let Me In This Ae Night
    Miss Grace Speirs Of Elderslie

Five comments

Let Me In This Ae Night

Brilliant recording by Chris Norman on the wooden flute and David Greenberg on the fiddle.

could you edit this so that the sets appear properly listed? Separate each tune on a track with a / (a slash) and then the album will appear on all the CD’s tunes that are on this site.

Adding a new tune

Hi, I’ve just discovered the last reel of the first set is called “West Mabou Reel” but don’t know how to add it to the rest. Any clues?

go to the Edit tab
type “/West Mabou reel” after “The Perrie Werrie”
click Update button