From The Floor Up

By Wild Asparagus

  1. Evil Diane
    Torrid Romance
    Evil Diane
  2. Alabama Rain
  3. The Jug Of Punch
    The Pinch Of Snuff
    Jenny’s Chickens
    The Gravel Walk
  4. Sean’s
  5. The Mooncoin
  6. The Setting
  7. Rolling In The Barrel
    The Morning Dew
    Rolling In The Barrel
  8. Hommage A La Belle Gaspesie
    Diable Vert
    Reel De Lievre
    Festival Des Voyageurs
    Stuart’s Groove
  9. Hard Old Memories
    Rambling In The Meadow
  10. The Orphan
    Old John’s
    The Bank Of Ireland
  11. Lafferty’s
  12. The Skye Boat Song
  13. The Fiddler’s Bidding
    The Phoenix
    Sporting Paddy