Big Like This

By Unusual Suspects

  1. Pressed For Time
    St. Kilda Wedding
  2. Fine Flooers
  3. Grappa Groove
    Not Only But Oslo
    Elmo Lives Downstairs
  4. Time Wears Awa’
  5. May Thy Morn
  6. Under The Influence
    Lost In Oberlin
    Duns Dings A’
  7. Both Sides The Tweed
  8. Ted’s Polska
    Sandy Broon’s
    Bogle’s Majority
    Chloe’s Passion
  9. Lorient Suite: A Gala Affair
  10. Lorient Suite: Plan B Flat
  11. Lorient Suite: The Pavilion
  12. Lorient Suite: Lose The Tude
  13. Lorient Suite: Drummer’s Revolt
    A Gala Affair (Reprise)

Two comments

Corrina Hewat ~ harp, vocal
Dave Milligan ~ piano
Anna Massie ~ fiddle
Catriona MacDonald ~ fiddle
Eilidh Shaw ~ fiddle
Calum MacCrimmon ~ pipes, whistle
Donal Brown ~ pipes, flute
Mairearad Green ~ accordion, pipes
Ewan Robertson ~ guitar, vocal
Rick Taylor ~ trombone
Colin Steele ~ trumpet
Alyn Cosker ~ drums
Tom Lyne ~ bass

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