The Blue Dress

By Shannon Heaton

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I’m kind of impressed that this is up here a week after the official release date! it is now available at

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Individual Tunes

1. Road to Lisdoonvarna/Roving Bachelor/44 Mill Street
2. Ninety-Nine/Tá Dhá Ghabhairín Bhuí Agam
3. Blue Dress Waltz
4. Old Wheels of the World/Flogging Reel/Dennis Watson’s
5. Against the Grain/In the Dog House/King Nalay
6. Nights on Caledonia Terrace
7. Grandfather’s Thought/Fairy Queen
8. Moll Roe/The Girl with the Yellow Hair
9. Frost Place
10. Aunt Jane’s Trip to Norway/It Goes as Follies/Eddie Duffy’s
11. Down the Back Lane/Humours of Castlecorner/Irish Washerwoman
12. Hornless Cow/Boil the Breakfast Early

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