Short Stories

By Grainne Murphy

  1. Tree Gap
    Mountain Dew
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
  2. The Night Before Poor Larry Was Stretched
    The Drops Of Brandy
    To Limerick We Will Go
  3. The New Mown Meadow
    The Maids Of Mount Kisco
  4. Sky City
    Blow My Chanter
    Douce Amélia
  5. Bill Flanagan’s Birthday
    The Blackbird
    Madame Bonaparte
  6. Rooftop
    The Border Collie
    Patsy Hanley’s
  7. Through The Woods
  8. The Monaghan
    The Kilmovee
    The Misbegotten Grandchild
  9. Kerryman’s Fling
    Were You At The Fair
    Casey’s Pig
    Touching Cloth
  10. Farewell To Erin
    Farewell To Carolina
    Galloping Hogan
  11. The Star Of Munster
    Colonel Fraser
  12. Reaping The Rye
    The Barony
    Drunken Gauger
  13. Sailing In
    Tie The Bonnet
    Kit O’Connor’s

Seven comments

It’s criminal no one has had anything to say about this submission, other than just dropping it here for self promotion, yet another commercial plug for ones website and shop. Apologies that I can’t add something more useful than just her website, but all I’ve access to at the moment are snippets of over compressed MP3s courtesy of the likes of Amazon and others. While I can’t blame ‘Celtic Turntable’ & Co. for wanting to make a living, selling yourself, the least you could have done, out of respect, is to add relevant comment, your impression of this recording. And if you haven’t that, then why bother? A little review, that would earned you at least a little positive consideration, like for like.

The submissions here are, at least the hope is, about the recording and the artist(s) involved, and what members think about the music on offer, rather than putting the focus on oneself and ones business. I wouldn’t mind that, but it should have been your first consideration in the comments here, and hopefully in future you’ll say something about the actual submission and hold off on adding the self-promotion till after you’ve added something of interest about any recording you choose to submit.

Best of luck with you business ‘Celtic Turntable’, wishing you success…

What a coincidence!

As it turns out I have been listening to this album quite a bit recently. There is a quality to Grainne’s playing on this record that I’ve been infatuated with that for some reason doesn’t really come through in any of those videos. A kind of ease, I guess, that I find appealing. She has a nice way of really leaning into her rolls and playing with dynamics that I like, and she gets a big warm growly tone out of her fiddle. Also she makes good use of her double stops. I feel like her playing has a lot of personality and I like that she doesn’t try to be flashy. Or at least it doesn’t come off as flashy. I like that she plays some ‘chestnuts’ as well as newer compositions. Plus a set of slip jigs!

I don’t know who the guests are (mp3s sadly don’t come with credits) but there are appearances by flute, box, and harp. The bodhran is a touch on the hyper side of thing and should maybe be pulled down in the mix a little, maybe just 10db or so, but that’s really my only niggle. Actually, it’s not too unsympathetic, but it’s constantly doing that up and down the ‘pitches’ thing.

If I had the skill to pull it off and was into the whole copy a player nuance for nuance thing I would take a stab at her version of The New Mown Lawn > Maids of Mt. Kisco set.

I should probably add that my tastes are constantly changing as I try to refine them but the appeal of this record has not diminished over the listens as some others do once I recognize them to be full of ‘empty calories’ so to speak.

I would love for others to weigh in on this one.


Lovely review, nicely thought out and presented and highly appreciated. Thanks, I’m glad you rose to the challenge…

Wait a sec…

Just to clarify…

I was the one who put this up originally; as you can see, it was three years ago. The sales post was added a year later. The original entry was simply entered by myself. I’m just a flute player with no connection with any sales entity. I apologize for no review at the outset, and I will attempt to add at least something in the future if I add another recording.

That being said, I’m a terrible reviewer: “I like this album. There are some great tunes, and we play Grainne’s ’Tree Gap” at our session a whole bunch.“ It isn’t a really helpful review, but that’s about the extent of my poetic ability. I write firmware for HVAC controllers, so here’s my best stab at a review:

Q: Is the album worth a listen?
A: Yes.
Q: Will I like it?
A: Well, I do, but musical enjoyment is a subjective response. Some people can listen to Miley Cyrus all day while others go into an instantaneous diabetic crisis.
Q: Is it worth purchasing?
A:Yes it is, but see caveat above.
Q: Is Grainne a fantastic fiddler?
A: Yes she is.
Q: Does she have a bunch of great, world-class musicians with her?
A: Yep.
Q: Where is she from?
A: New York.
Q: Do you have any connection with celticturntable or Grainne Murphy?
A: No, but in the past, I had corresponded with Grainne to secure rights to record one of her tunes, and she is a *very* nice person.