The Clergy’s Lamentation

By Donal Maguire’s Occasional Band

Added by Kenny .

  1. The Bonny Labouring Boy
  2. O’Brien’s
    Webster’s Favourite
  3. Roger The Miller
  4. The Clergy’s Lamentation
  5. The Turnpike Gate
    The Maid Of Mount Cisco
  6. All Things Are Quite Silent
  7. Mazurka Du Morvan
  8. The Grand Conversation
  9. Apples In Winter
    The Mooncoin
  10. Paddy And The Ass
  11. The Pride Of Glencoe

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Donal Maguire and band

Not entirely sure when this was released, and only available as an LP record as far as I know. Another great collection of songs and tunes, “Paddy And The Ass” being a song which always makes me smile.
The band are/were………..
Donal Maguire - vocals, tenor banjo , mandolin
Wendy Stewart - harp
Kevin Flanagan - guitar
Liam Webster - accodion
Ado Morris - whistle, bodhran
Pete Yates - hurdy-gurdy, flute, fiddle
John Murphy - uilleann pipes

Good man…….

Many thanks for that link, “MacCruiskeen”. I stand - happily - corrected.

Pete Yates RIP

What memories to find this Kenny!

I played with so many of these but especially miss Pete; he passed on too young back in the 80s if I’m not mistaken. He was only in his late 30s/early 40s methinks.

He was a fabulous bloke and musician.

All the best

Brian x


This recording, along with some of Donal’s other recordings, is now available on iTunes.
Hi Brian - Pete Yates turned up at Aberdeen Folk Club one night in the early 1980s, and was surprised that I recognised his name from Donal’s recordings. Nice guy, a fine musician, and a sad loss.