Beo: Live At Madden’s

By Various Artists

  1. The Leg Of The Duck
    The Maid On The Green
    The Metal Bridge
  2. The Mulnashee
    Parcel Of Land
    Jimmy Batty’s
  3. The Bonny Light Horseman
  4. Sorley Boy McDonnell
    Julia Delaney’s
  5. Rising Sun
    Ambrose Moloney’s
  6. Ushag Veg Ruy
  7. Paddy Killoran’s Highland
    Lord Gordon’s
  8. The Mist Covered Mountain
    Scotsman Over The Border
  9. Grief (Like A Growing Vine)
  10. Mick O’Connor’s
    Fisherman’s Island
    Hare’s Paw
  11. Munster
    Herman’s Hostel
    Michelle O’Sullivan’s
  12. Eirin Go Bragh
  13. Grappa Groove
  14. Around The Fairy Fort
    New Broom
  15. Maggie In The Woods

Six comments

Beo: Live at Madden’s

Recorded in November 2009.

All proceeds donated to PIPS -
Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide and Self-harm

Madden’s Bar has been ‘the home of traditional music in Belfast’ for lifetimes now, indeed. This recording illustrates this fact patently as well as potently. It brims with all the thrill and warmth of a live performance on home turf. (You don’t hear the punters in the background so much as sense their respectful attention). Performed by a spirited mix of talents: some international, all locals (like Dónal O’Connor who produced this CD and is in splendid form on track 7)
The four songs are powerful and the tunes are as good as you’ll get. You can even hear the footfalls of Madden’s own setdancers on the floorboards and… a great deal of laughter!

Sorry for the unusual track listing(!) There are 15 tracks in total.

I had a fight with this stupid b@$#@rd computer program and it won -of course! At least I put the ‘links’ in: I had to go over all the titles again one by one, manually, so that the link to the scores would be displayed!
- jeremy? It’s a lot of unnecessary work… I noticed it before but it’s getting worse…

Julia Delaney’s (Track 4/2) still stands witness to this trouble: the tune -and the name- are already in the data base but won’t ‘link’ spontaneously…

great recording,especially if you like belfast musicians….
in tune list, on track 10, as second tune miss fisherman’s island . and third gan ainm tune is hare’s paw.
herman’s hostel is orginally tune written by ruadhrai o’ kane, not tune in session database


As stated above this CD should have 15 tracks. The missing track is number 7, with 2 tunes played by Donal O’Connor. In order that it appears on the listing here I have added them at the end of track 6 as the edit function does not allow you to add additional tracks