Under The Counter

By Bodega

  1. Inward Chimney
    Up Da Stroots
  2. The Stamping Ground
  3. Drams In The Field
    The Fortnight Spret
  4. Tha Na H-uain Air An Tulaich
  5. Lady Muck Mackay
    Gillian Chalmers
    The 98
  6. Lost Little Children
  7. Trip To The Market
    Cha Tig An Latha
    Thoir A Nall Ailean Thugam
  8. Helyinagro
  9. Balaich An Iasgaich
  10. Midnight Tramp
    Missing Floor

One comment

Under the Counter

Bodega are a very fine ensemble. This is their second album, and I’m sure any listeners wouldn’t be disappointed.