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Information ?

Would you like to tell us why you posted this, some comments on the music and playing and maybe something about "Give Way" for those who’ve never heard of them?

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I was under the impression I’d posted something - clearly not 🙂
GiveWay are an all girl band (the members are siblings). They supported Runrig last year on their winter tour, and gave a really good show. They play a mixture of tunes and song, as one can see :D

Still not much….

What you posted was a track list, which doesn’t tell us very much. I’ve heard "Give Way" - I’ll say no more than that, but you still don’t give the members here who have never heard of them any clue about where they come from, nor what instruments they play. Presumably you posted this recording because you like the band and think other people should buy this CD. I don’t think that’s very likely given the paucity of the information you’ve supplied, but that’s up to you.

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The pieces are coming together…

Yeah, I’m being a bit too lax. I posted this, and it’s my responsibility to give info in some detail. I accept that.
The group’s made up of four sisters: Fiona (fiddle / guitar / whistles), Kirsty (accordion, lead), Amy (percussion) and Mairi on keyboards. They formed in ‘98, though I’m not aware of where they come from. They’ve performed at various festivals (eg. Celtic Connections in Glasgow), picked up a couple of awards, namely at the Young Folk Awards. Musically, they’ve toured with Phil & Aly and Wolfstone, so you can get an idea of what they sound like - trad / rockish with a couple of songs thrown in for excellent measure. They’ve released three albums to date.
Thanks for the shove, Kenny.

Thank you…

Well done, "tesadmo", not everyone respnds so positively when they’re given a wee "shove" to provide some more information about recordings and I appreciate it. I’ve a feeling they came from round about Inverurie, not far from Aberdeen, but I could be wrong about that, and their website doesn’t give any hint. It is a few years since I saw them at the "Lemon Tree", and it’s good to know they’re still together as a band.

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Re: Inspired

The girls are actually from Currie on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The toured with the names mentioned elsewhere and also by themselves, America, Canada, Scotland etc. Great musicians and great personalities, Fiona wrote several of the tunes they performed. I had a blast touring with them as their engineer and "chaperone"! 🙂