Cruit Go NÓr • Harp Of Gold

By Ann Heymann

  1. Virgo Sancta Brigida
  2. Schock.a.torum
    Masque By Cormac MacDermott
  3. Woe Betyde Thy Wearie Bodie
  4. Conchubhar Mhac Coiréibhe
  5. Lamento Di Tristan
    La Rotta
  6. Kaniad San Silin
  7. Port Robart
    Airrgeann Mór
  8. Port Ballangowne
    Is Eagal Leam Am Bas
  9. Cailín ó Chois TSiúre Mé
  10. Cumha Iorla Wigton
  11. Canaries
  12. Cumha A’ Chléirich
  13. Sith Co Nemh

One comment

Beautiful album of Clairseach music played on a harp with golden strings. Don’t know the name of the last tune on track 8, the CD just says ‘Jig’ and of course the website won’t let me put just that in.

The music is a mix of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, and various Medieval pieces with flute, lute, viola de gamba, and vocals sprinkled in.