Tomorrow We Part

By Finbar Furey And Bob Stewart

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  1. Éan Sa Chrann
  2. Anach Chuain
    Brian Boru’s March
  3. The Chance
    The Old Pipe On The Hob
    The Mad Cat
  4. A Ramble To The West
  5. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
  6. Slievenamon
    Garret Barry’s
  7. La Volta
  8. Morning On A Distant Shore
  9. The West Wind
  10. Over The Cliff
    Dever The Dancer
  11. Down By The Glenside
    Cork City
  12. Regulation
  13. Tomorrow We Part

Three comments

Recorded in1979, on the "Broadside Records" label. I think the CD release is quite recent, so not too surprising it hasn’t appeared here until this year. Some classic Finbar Furey playing on this.

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