Lucky Day

By Laura Byrne

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This second recording from Laura Byrne (flute and vocals), based out of Baltimore (Maryland, USA), features Billy McComiskey (accordion), Rhys Jones (fiddle), Pat Egan, (guitar), Sean Earnest (guitar), Donna Long (piano), Dana Lyn (viola), Jason Sypher (string bass), Myron Bretholz (bones), Josh Dukes (bodhran), and Jonathon Srour (step dancing).

In addition to traditional tunes, this recording also features tunes composed by Billy McComiskey (Ohm’s Law, The Sweeney’s), Liz Carroll (Out on the Road), Peter Fitzgerald (Claudette’s), Richard Dwyer (Fox on the Town), Paddy O’Brien (Larry’s Favorite), Frank McCollum (Hangman’s Rope), Sean Ryan (Gooseberry Fair), Cathal McConnell (Piper’s Broken Finger), Ed Reavy (Swans Among the Rushes), Charlie Lennon (Handsome Young Maidens), and Laura Byrne (Lucky Day, a newly composed waltz).

According to Paul Keating’s kind words in the liner notes (I can attest to this as well), "…she [Laura] has become one of the important American-born tradition-bearers in passing on the music through her teaching and playing…".

Her website is, although there is a purchasing link there that will send you to It’s also available through Ossian USA at