The MacKenzie Project

By Rosie MacKenzie

  1. The Pretty Little Flowers
    The Reel Of Cluny
    Major Mollie’s
  2. Through The Night The Milk Went Bad
    8 Cents
  3. Dark Rosaleen
  4. Dan Rory MacDougall
    Cawdor Fair
    Cairngorm Brooch
  5. Upside Down In Eden Court
    Devil In The Kitchen
    The Drunken Tinker
    Upside Down Encore
  6. Alfred A. Asaph
    Chris Carmichael’s
    The Seanamhac Tube Station
    Red Mill
  7. Bury The Cat
  8. Cranford’s
  9. Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie
  10. The Resting Chair
  11. The Athole Cummers
    Wake Up Cape Breton
    Larry Down’s

One comment

The MacKenzie Project (2009)

Rosie MacKenzie just released her first solo CD, a follow-up to her career as a founding member of The Cottars, a teaming that included three recordings, a series of awards and performances around the world.

This recording, The MacKenzie Project, (done at Lakewind Sound), features a key quartet of musicians who performed with Rosie on her recent CD release tour. Naturally, Rosie handles the fiddle chores but she has veteran Howie MacDonald backing her on piano. On guitar is Donogh Hennessy, the producer of the CD and a founder member of the Irish super group Lúnasa. The vocalist is Pauline Scanlon, who used to be part of Sharon Shannon’s band. They get additional help from Dave MacIsaac, Damien Mullane, Martin Brunsden and Brian Talbot.

The CD features 11 cuts, nine fiddle groups and a pair of vocals. The selection includes a nice variety of traditional and contemporary tunes, from Ireland, Scotland and Cape Breton, including four written by Rosie. Pauline’s beautiful vocals let you drift away, lost completely in her voice but you are quickly drawn back to reality by the snap of Rosie’s playing.