Achill Air

By Des Cafferkey

  1. The Cradling Arms Of Cruachan
  2. Ciarán Patten’s
  3. Ríl Na hAirfice Theas
    Fonn Amhráin
  4. Achill Air
  5. The Green Fields Of Rosbeigh
    Tommy Peoples’
  6. The Humours Of Derrykissane
    The Humours Of Whiskey
  7. John Doherty’s
    The Wild Irishman
  8. The Fresh Air
  9. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé’s
  10. Little Katie Taylor
    Touch Me If You Dare
    The Devils Of Dublin
  11. The Four Crossroads
    The Wispy Lady

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Achill Air

Found this for sale over the counter in a pub in Achill. I’d never heard of Des Cafferkey before but it’s an absolute gem of an album of whistle and flute music. There’s a top notch “supporting cast” too including Peter Browne, Tony Byrne, Trevor Hutchinson, Laoise Kelly, Paul McGrattan, Gerry O’Connor and Tony Quinn.

I especially love the slow and melodic version of Tommy Peoples’ reel

More information please…………

Now this I’m interested in. Could you please provide some details of the label or distributer for this particular recording ? Des turned up in Aberdeen, maybe about 10 years ago as part of a group promoting “Darcy’s” stout - [ can you still get that ? ] - and impressed me as a very talented and tasteful player. I’d love to get hold of this recording - if all else fails, what’s the name of the pub in Achill?

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More Info for Kenny

The recording label is “Azteca” There’s also a contact email on the cd - so I presume you can source a copy from the man himself. The pub was Mastersons in Dugort where they do a fabulous seafood platter too so it might be well worth the trip!! Don’t know if they serve Darcy’s though?

Many thanks….

Thanks very much, Cian. I’ll get in touch with Des - always best to get a CD direct from the player when you can. I appreciate your prompt response.

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Des Cafferkey actually has a earlier recording called “Achill Head”, which was just whistle tracks. I think it only came out in 2009

Brilliant cd. Very well put together.

The Achill Air is one of those tracks that you just want to keep playing over and over and over and over !

Buy it.

Fair play “Desheen” !

Re: Achill Air

Does anyone know the names of the tunes that make up Track 3? I have the CD and am having trouble reading the names of the tunes for “Special Star”. The first looks like Ril Na ……….. Theas and the second one looks like Fonn ………. ?