The Good Fairies Of New York (novel)

By Martin Millar

Added by Tracie .

  1. Reel Of Tulloch
  2. Tullochgorum
  3. The Salamanca
  4. Miss Campbell Of Monzie
  5. Torry Burn
  6. The Milltown
  7. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  8. The Bridge Of Balater
  9. The Ballydesmond
  10. Maggie In The Woods
  11. The Bridge Of Alar
  12. The Miller O’ Drone
  13. The Boys Of Bluehill
  14. The Harvest Home
  15. Macphersons Lament
  16. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
  17. Banish Misfortune
  18. The Atholl Highlanders
  19. The Atholl Volunteers
  20. The Atholl March
  21. Athol Brose
  22. The Braes Of Atholl
  23. The Liverpool
  24. De’il Amang The Tailors
  25. Queen Of The Fairies
  26. McMahon’s
  27. Trim The Velvet
  28. The Flower Of The Quern

Three comments

Im a little confused as to what this actually is as I’m aware of the book by this title, but was not aware of any CD. Is this some nonsense entry?

There isn’t a cd, just the novel. These are the tunes mentioned in the novel, with links to most of them here on The Session. I forgot to put something in the comments section explaining it. I put the “playlist” in the cd section because there isn’t a fiction section here. It’s sort of like the practice of listing airs and marches as polkas or waltzes because there is no category for air or march here.

At one point, one of the Scottish fairies drags off Dinnie, “… an overweight enemy of humanity … the worst violinist in New York”, to an Irish session because “No one plays Scottish music in New York. Only Irish.” Of Dinnie’s playing: “No one in the audience had ever heard such bad playing in public.” The other players at the session were polite, but very, very quiet. Deathly quiet.

I’ve also listed the tunes from another novel, The Little Country by Charles de Lint.

ah, the liberties of fiction.