Strangest Dream

By Popcorn Behavior

  1. Old And In The Way Riff
  2. Sue’s Dream
    Cloucester Girl
    The Baker
  3. Ploughman
  4. Impromptu [Conversations]
    Exile Of Erin
  5. The Connachtman’s Rambles
    The Fairy
  6. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  7. Vuelvo Al Sur
  8. Trungnal Mi Jane
  9. Wedding
  10. Hughie Travers’
  11. For Charis
    The Briar And The Rose
  12. Pyry
    Fidel’s Trip To Sligo

One comment

Strangest Dream

This is a fabulous cd!! It mixes traditional tunes with beautiful songs and more modern compostitions. The Wedding is a haunting, but beautiful track that sends chills down my spine. This group consists of piano, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, voice, and percussion. Check out their other albums:Popcorn Behavoir, Journeywork, and their most recent 28 minute recording, January EP. Their website:

PLEASE NOTE: the groups name has changed from Popcorn Behavoir to Assembly.