This Strange Place

By Wolfstone

  1. The Harlequin
    Pipe Major Stevie Saint
  2. This Girl
  3. Let Them Sing
  4. Banks Of The Ness
  5. This Strange Place
  6. The Wild Monkey Dance
    Black Eyed Jam
  7. Till I Sleep
  8. An Arab In The Court Of Kintail
    The Redwood
  9. Reluctant Journey
  10. A Thief In The Night
    The Hills Of Kazakhstan

Five comments

The album

Wrongly marketed as a ‘Wolfstone’, this album is far removed from that band’s style. No, this is mellow Drever, with band support, admittedly, but with things done his way.

I would still list the album on here under "Wolfstone. That is how they marketed it after all and that is what it says on the album cover.

It’s always a quandary…

I may yet. However, it was initially marketed as Drever / Mackenzie before it was branded Wolfstone. :|


I don’t know why it is a quandry. It quite clearly says “Wolfstone” right there on the CD case. If folk are looking for the CD in the shops then they will need to look for it under W for Wolfstone.

It is certainly worth a comment on here clarifying that it was originally devised as a seperate release by Ivan and Wayne but it should be in the database as a Wolfstone album.


For convenience’s sake, it shall be done. I can see that it’s a good idea to get a comment on corrections in quickly, else it might be too late and its creator will leave it in neglect. I’ll check back often.