The Rolling Waves

By Shindig

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Shindig are a fairly well known ceilidh band in north-east Scotland. I think this is their only album.

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Mike Rae - bass
Dave Innes - drums
Sandy Tweddle - fiddle
Graham Stephen - guitars, vocals
There may be more. I’m unsure.

This on their website: "Add one of the most renowned rythmn sections in Scotland and you can begin to understand why Shindig are one of the most popular bands in Scotland."
I’m not sure this is very well justified.

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Original Shindig


I’d just like to point out that the band Shindig existed long before this in Somerset.

The band comprised

Simon Knight RIP Accordeon
Phil Dawson Fiddle, Banjo
Pete Nicholson/Pru Comer Guitar
Brian Owens Flute/Whistles

It would have been about ‘93 when Simon and I were talking about band names and I mentioned how in Irish half uncial script that Shindig looked such an Irish name.

We played lots of dances, especially at Priddy, Somerset, with the great teachers from Ireland, where there were Set Dance Festivals organised by Simon and his, then, wife Val.

The first night of these was an open band, the Saturday with "Show the lady" and the Sunday with "Shindig".

Interestingly I did the sign writing for the band, and am surprised to see such similarity in the present band’s signage, given that I painted the original boards some 16 years ago!

Brian Owens


Okey-doke! No sign of a band history page on the site, which is a bit annoying. There’s so much is left untold.

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Joining the dots

This is quite a fascinating thread to me. Brian, it’s good to have come across you and to hear about your past with Simon Knight (and indeed his brothers, Andrew and Pat).

I’m Andrew’s grandson and also now the player of his concertina, which I picked up and have been learning in the time since he died. Pat cheerily tells me that I now have Andrew’s affliction and I think he’s right - I never put the bleeding thing down!

That was a heartwarming story about you meeting Simon and asking if he’d come across his brothers. Ha ha! That one’ll stick with me.

It’s been fascinating to hear about Shindig. I knew that Simon had played in ceilidh bands, but now I have more information, which is great. I think you might be interested to know that stacks of music / session recordings of the brothers have come my way, and that I’ve made them all available to listen to online. This includes many of Simon playing with (I think) the band. I now have my suspicions that these are old Shindig recordings!

Perhaps you can enlighten me more! I’d certainly love to hear from you.

These recordings are all available here -

I have a lot more up on that account, including recordings from their late father John, who left us hundreds of cassettes. There’s quite a lot of Andrew and Pat playing, and there’s a lot of Andrew’s self-accompanied songs. Here is the full page -

All the best, Matt

Re: The Rolling Waves

I’m most likely the only person who has met members of both "Shindigs".
I still occasionally get a tune with Sandy Tweddle of the Aberdeen "Shindig" occasionally. I’ll ask him about the band members next time I see him. I don’t really know the others, but recognise the names. Graeme [ not Graham ] Stephen is an outstanding jazz guitar player who has played a lot with Fraser Fifield in the past.
I’ve known Brian [ the "southern Shindig" ] for many years now, and played a few sessions with him in Tasmania.
Hi Matt - I also met, and played in sessions with, both Pat and Andrew possibly as early as the 1970s, into the 1980s. I always remember Andrew being one of the relatively few players of the English concertina who could make Irish music sound "Irish" on that particular type of the instrument. I had some great sessions with both of them. I’m enjoying trawling through the "Soundcloud" recordings - some real gems in there.
All the best, Kenny

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Re: The Rolling Waves

I believe I made a mistake above, in that I think there are 2 Graham/Graeme Stephens in Aberdeen who play guitar. It wasn’t Fraser Fifield’s musical collaborator who played with this band, but the other fella. Just to set the record straight.

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Re: The Rolling Waves

Shindig were indeed a popular ceilidh band of its time in Aberdeen, many local musicians passed through the bands doors between 1985 and 2007??? Including Dave Innes, Mike Rae, Ron Grant, Jerry Jablonski, Ian Rae, Bob Barrow. Several dance callers - Ken Trinder, Selwin Roberts, Pete Macallum all to name a few and many more whose names I forget.
Sandy Tweddle was the original fiddle player who left and then rejoined the band.

Musicians who played on the above album were:
Graham Stephen (guitar & vocals)
Sharon Hassan (fiddle)
Steven Jaffray (Jaff) (Bass and whistles)
Geoff Jones (drums)
This was the live band core members for a good period of time until they had to get proper jobs.

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