Bráithre An Óil

By Monks Of The Screw

Added by Genny .

  1. Cascade
    Billy Mahony’s
  2. Down The Back Lane
    Gander In The Pratie Hole
  3. The Cuckoo’s Nest
    Tom Billy’s
  4. Toureendarby
    The Brogeen
  5. Ger Dan Mac’s
    Pull Down The Blinds
  6. Durang’s
    Blossom Time
  7. Johnny Micky’s
    The Drake
  8. Connie The Soldier
    The House In The Glen
  9. Farewell To Ballinahulla
    Art O’Keeffe’s
  10. Reconcilliation
    Mist Of Sliabh Luachra
  11. The Grand Old Man
    The Gypsy Princess
  12. Daly’s Mill
    Mountvara Bridge
  13. John Shine’s
    Bill Sullivan’s Fancy
  14. Tom Billy’s
    Johnny Micky’s
  15. Mylon’s Rock
    The Leg Of The Duck
  16. The Cuban
    Con Tadhgo’s
  17. Johnny Micky’s
    Johnny Micky’s

Two comments

Bráithre An Óil

The first of their three recordings.

Musicians are -
Timmy O’Connor - Accordion
Paudy Scully - Flute
John Drew - Mandocello
Tim Browne - Bouzouki