Up The Moy Road

By Brendan Larrissey And Mike Considine

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Up the Moy Road

This is Brendan Larrissey’s second solo CD (the first is A Flick of the Wrist https://thesession.org/recordings/2199 - I haven’t managed to get hold of this so if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be grateful).

I searched for it here before I bought it, to look at the tracklist, but it wasn’t here. I bought it anyway and liked it. Then yesterday I discovered that it is mentioned in passing in the comments for Nessa the Mover (https://thesession.org/tunes/5705), one of 2 tunes on the CD written by Brendan. (See also comments added to that discussion by me). So I have now submitted it.

My only grumble, which applies to quite a lot of CDs, alas, is the lack of notes about the tunes. Most of them have linked, however, so there will be information available here.

Up the Moy Road

Can anyone tell me where I can buy a copy of the CD “Up The Moy Road” by Brendan Larrissey And Mike Considine?